Friday, January 20, 2012

minds are not just props at the house

This morning I had a delightful social experience before 9 am - likemind Vancouver is an event that started in New York in 2007 by some like-minded folks who missed the ritual of real-face meeting over coffee. Now it takes place all over the world in different cities in a different coffee shop every month. This snowy morning at 8 am it was at east side Prophouse Cafe on Venables at Commercial Drive.  I have found my new favorite coffee/hang-out spot. Eclectic, friendly, full of beautiful vintage artifacts, and...wait for it.... there's a 70's basement-like living room with velvet paintings, an orange sofa and a retro vibe I would kill to have in my home.

Here are some pics - I will defintely be going to the next LikeMind meet up next month to meet more cool people and I'll be found glued to that orange couch in the very near future.


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