Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life These Days

Nostalgia, the simple life, heritage, authenticity and ideas about the past seem to be the innovative ideas these days. Reality tv wasn't real enough,  and now the quest for all things "real" has begun. From holistic medicine to backyard chicken coops, to  home cooking and family values. The western world seems to be looking for roots.

All of a sudden I'm seeing the value in a baker pounding dough day in, day out. I feel like our society has become so evolved - that there's nothing real to do anymore.  I for one have had me mind in an international, cross industry, innovation state of mind. What about the planets, the dinosaurs, the Mayans, and the trees and the plants that used to live where I'm standing?  I can only speak for myself, but they are all things I learned about in elementary school and haven 't put much thought towards since.

 What if doing less, helps more? Maybe moving slower, producing less, making less money, enjoying the moment and consuming less could actually bring more satisfaction in my life and also be better for humanity? hmm.