Monday, February 8, 2010

The café in Paris

I went to Le Café, in Paris with Alison (with one 'l'). I love the globe lights. They flickered on and off, which sounds irritating but it wasn't at all. Then the little cherubs floating, African masks on the walls, glowing fish tanks, and the standard great red wine. The atmosphere was so warm and cozy (from all the random sources of light and candles) and the food was made with love. And to top it off there were some dead sexy French men there. What a great spot.

Although the big server guy was not impressed with our bad French. It was the one time trying to make sense speaking broken French and smiling just wasn't enough. He had the “you are an American tourist, and not French or chic enough to be here” attitude. Paris has to play hard to get every now and again, I suppose, to keep it’s mystery. So Le Café - not the-one-and-only café - but The Café, will keep me wanting more of Paris, especially because it is just beyond my reach.