Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Birth of Dalia

 Elena and I just finished bottling our first batch of shea butter and essential oil creams. I'm so lucky to be working with Elena on this line of simple beauty products. She has so much knowledge in herbs, oils, tinctures and the apothecary world. She was in the industry for years and still loves playing with oils and discovering new combinations to swoon over. We are creating a group of shea butter creams by adding oils like Neroli (orange flower essential oil) chamomile, vetiver, myrrh & frankincense (if only we had gold we would be very wise women). 

Yesterday I discovered the underrated but beautiful scent of laurel essential oil. As Elena described, it has a very high note but it's not too sweet or floral. And black pepper essential oil is surprisingly a very sexy smell. We added black pepper with a bit of patchouli into a masculine blend that I must say has a very seductive scent. Below are some beautiful old apothecary bottles and labels. And below that is the draft version of our "Dalia" label. We both love the Art Nouveau era. I never thought I would actually get to draw from it in a design project because it is such a specific look  - but I think it is perfect for what we are doing here with Dalia. Dalia is so sensual with all the natural scents and smooth creams. And it is more than just inspired from nature - everything we are working with comes from mother earth herself. We are two Pisces playing with the senses - of course it needs to be Art Nouveau! I can only dream to one day build a shelf like the bottom image filled with oils and creams and magical blends. But it all starts with dreaming, right?

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